Instructor: Andy Taylor
Country: United Kingdom
Club: Stork’s Beak: School of Historical Swordsmanship

Contact[email protected]

Bio: Andy Taylor has studied Historical European Martial Arts for some 12 years at both the MacDonald Academy of Arms and at the Dawn Duellists Society.

He currently teaches Great Stick, Dussack and Longsword at the Stork’s Beak School of Historical Swordsmanship. He is also member of the Dawn Duellists Society and currently teaches a Class on German Longsword within the Society.

He is currently researching Sickle Plays from the treatise of Paulus Hector Mair.


An Introduction to Dussack, after Joachim Meyer and Paulus Hector Mair

19th Century Great Stick after Alfred Hutton, Cerri & Siebenharr

Contact: [email protected]