Instructor: Keith Farrell
Country: United Kingdom
Club: Academy of Historical Arts

Contact: [email protected]

Bio: Keith has been training assorted martial arts since 1998 and has held various levels of teaching and coaching roles since 2000. He has trained formally in karate (and hold a 3rd Dan black belt), archery and sports fencing, with some informal training in other arts like muay thai, judo and escrima.

His HEMA practice began in 2007 in a student society at the University of Glasgow, and over the last four years he has helped this club develop into the Academy of Historical Arts. The longsword of Johannes Liechtenauer is his primary weapon discipline, although recently he has been researching the Highland broadsword and targe with Ben Kerr, his fellow senior instructor in the Academy of Historical Arts.

For contributions to the HEMA community, Keith received membership of HEMAC in 2011.


Döbringer’s Flourish: assorted interpretations and training drills

Introduction to the Scottish Basked Hilted Broadsword

Contact: [email protected]