Here you can find HEMA/WMA instructors and the workshops they can offer to your club or organization. The HROARR site takes no responsibility for the instructors or their workshops and only functions as a means for you to get in touch with each other.

If you would like to be listed, then please contact us through the contact page. Below you’ll see what type of info you need to provide.


Class Title: The teachings of XXX

Description: The class will focus on …

The class requires /requires no…

A fencing mask, throat protection and good protective gloves are required.

The class is open to as many as the hall can take.

Duration: 3-4 hours.

Requirements: XXX needs to be provided by the organizer or students.

Instructor: First name, second name.

Country: XXX

Club: XXX

Bio: XXX is a member of XXX and leads a class on XXX.

Due to his contributions to the HEMA community and his dedication he is also a member of XXX since XXX.

XXX has also been a board member of XXX for the last two years and he practices XXX under XXX and XXX . He is currently involved in a research project on XXX.

Events instructed at: Event name – Year.

Contact: email address.