Instructor: Matt Easton
Country: Great Britain
Club: Schola Gladiatoria

Contact[email protected]

Bio: Matt has been active in historical European martial arts since 1997 and has been teaching nationally and internationally since 1999. Matt is a founder member of the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition, founder and head of Schola Gladiatoria and a registered instructor of the British Federation for Historical Swordplay.

Matt has taught at events in the UK, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland and Sweden, and has ranked highly in various international tournaments.

He has lectured on arms and armour at the Wallace Collection, the Tower of London, the Royal Armouries in Leeds, to the Armour Research Society, the British Arms and Armour Society and at two International Arms and Armour Conferences in Florence and Vienna.

Matt also runs FightCamp, which is one of the largest annual HEMA events in Europe.


Fiore dei Liberi sword in two hands – out of armour

Fiore dei Liberi sword in one hand – out of armour

Fiore dei Liberi dagger – out of armour

British Victorian military sabre on foot

Contact: [email protected]