Instructor: Bert Gevaert
Country: Belgium
Club: Hallebardiers / Order of Saint Michael

Contact: [email protected]

Bio: Bert Gevaert did a PhD in classical philology (disability in ancient Rome), is teacher of Latin in a secondary school, lecturer on historical subjects and city guide in Brugge.

He started historical fencing in 2007, participated on his first tournament at Arts of Mars (2010), became second in SwordFish (2011), king (champion) of his guild, Hallebardiers (2011) and obtained a place in the quarter finals in Swordfish (2012).

He practices armoured combat, longsword, dussacken and recently (September 2012) also rappier, mainly focussing on authors of the 16th century with a preference for Joachim Meyer and Hector Paulus Mair.

Bert is currently finishing a translation of Heinrich von Gunterrodt, De Veris Principiis Artis Dimicatoriae, which is going to be published at Freelance Academy Press (ebook in 2013 and printed edition in 2014).  He has also translated the longsword section of Hector Paulus Mair into Dutch and is currently working on an English translation and comment (based on the Codex Icon 393).

Besides this he is also working on a Dutch book on HEMA (14th till 17th century) and a book on the history of the guild of the Hallebardiers.

In September 2013 he started a class of wrestling and dagger, based on Fiore dei Liberi, especially for secondary school students.

Events taught at:

Fechtschule York (august 2013)


The Longsword of Hector Paulus Mair


Heinrich von Gunterrodt: De veris Principiis Artis Dimicatoriae
Medieval Combat in the 15th century (Dutch)

Contact: [email protected]