Instructor: Anthony Menting
Country: France
Club: Ost du Griffon Noir

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Bio: Born and raised in the south-west part of the Netherlands (Zealand) and living in France since 2002.

Anthony fell into HEMA in 2010 and started a club in Toulouse, France; OGN (Ost du Griffon Noir). Professionally involved in HEMA and there for worked on HEMA intensively and I.33 in specific.

Anthony believes in mono discipline, though he has got a weak spot for Langes Messer and the dutch Klewang. Every discipline should take a length of time, and never enough time there is, to fully understand and master a discipline. The more you learn, the more you need to learn.

He takes specific interest in the application of martial principles in HEMA, based on Steven Pearlman’s work, and psychological and philosophical matters in HEMA. Always adapted to I.33.

Events instructed at

2014 Nantes, Marine Beaumel Rochefort
2013 Dijon HEMAG, with Roland Fuhrmann
2013 Vienna Dreynschlag , with Roland Fuhrmann
2013 Roche s Yon, with Marine Beaumel Rochefort
2013 Nice, With Roland Fuhrmann
2012 Dijon HEMAG, with Roland Fuhrmann
2012 Vienna Dreynschlag, with Roland Fuhrmann
2012 Le Mans, with Roland Fuhrmann
2012 Roche s Yon, with Marine Beaumel Rochefort
2012 Villeneuve Loubet, With Roland Fuhrmann


I.33 absolute beginners…

I.33 for artistic purposes

Martial principles of Theory in I.33

or theme on demand.

Contact[email protected]