Instructor: Anton Kohutovič
Country: Slovakia
Club: Trnavský šermiarsky cech (Fencing guild of Trnava)

Contact[email protected]

Bio: Anton Kohutovič started with typical Central European stage fencing and reenactment in 1999 in group Trnavský šermiarsky cech (Fencing guild of Trnava, TSC) as a founding member. After the first couple of years he discovered the beauty of the original fencing treatises and he immediately switched to studying Lichtenauer’s Kunst des Fechtens.
TSC was the first group focused on KdF among more than 50 stage fencing clubs in Slovakia. The group was isolated for many years from the rest of HEMA research groups in Europe and he was working on their own interpretations without public presentation until 2008.

His main interest lies in Lichtenawer’s longsword blossfechten and in bringing the ancient martial techniques to life again. He teaches how, if we want to use techniques in free fencing, the most important thing is to know basics and principles and then continue with more complicated forms.

He has made transcriptions and translations to Slovakian and he likes most using the primary sources from 15th century. He regularly writes about his observations, opinions and articles at TSC website. ( Anton also founded the first HEMA event in Slovakia called Tyrnhau in 2011.


The Vorschlag
On Zornhaw and Zwerchaw
Selected techniques from Lichtenauer’s longsword system

Events instructed at:

Dreynevent 2012 Vienna, Austria
SKUNKS 2012 Rybnik, Poland
Tyrnhau 2011 Trnava, Poland
Swordfish 2010 Gothenburg, Sweden
W3 2010 Warsaw, Poland

Contact: [email protected]