Instructor: Gregor Medvešek
Country: Slovenia
Club: Schola Pugnatoria Celeiana

Contact: [email protected]

Bio: Gregor Medvešek is an instructor and a co-founder of the HEMA group Schola pugnatoria Celeiana from Celje, Slovenia. He began his HEMA journey in 2005 when he started training with the longsword, but over the years, his focus gradually shifted to wrestling. The primary focus of his studies are German sources on wrestling from the 15th and 16th centuries.

Aside from historical martial arts he also trains and competes in Greco-Roman wrestling. His best achievement is winning the 1st place in the 84 kg division of the Slovenian national championship in 2012.

When he is not fighting, Gregor studies history at the University of Ljubljana. He puts the skills acquired there to good use when translating historical manuals. So far he has completed English translations of wrestling treatises by Ott Jud an Andre Lignitzer, both of which are freely available on the Schola pugnatoria website.

Techniques from the Hans Talhoffer Thott manuscript, as performed by Gregor Medvešek and Gorazd Žagar of Schola Pugnatoria Celeiana –

Events instructed at:

Swordfish 2011, Gothenburg, Sweden
HEMA Celje 2012, Celje, Slovenia


Lignitzer’s wrestling

Contact: [email protected]