Instructor: Alwin Goethals
Country: Belgium
Club: SwArta

Contact: [email protected]

Bio: Alwin Goethals is the founding member and head instructor of SwArta, a Flemish HEMA-organisation in Belgium.  He’s a multiple black belt holder, being involved in martial arts from when he was age 9.  Alwin started studying and practicing HEMA in 1999 and found SwArta in 2006, after having translated the major German sources into Dutch and working intensely with the material.  He is practicing and promoting HEMA in Belgium since and has had the opportunity to teach at some of the major HEMA-events in Europe.

As a member of HEMAC, his main interest of research is gaining insights into symbolism, philosophies and mnemonics within European martial traditions.  Whilst training and teaching different HEMA, he’s working to build an expertise in longsword, dagger and unarmed combat (both German and Italian styles).  In his daily life, Alwin works for the Antwerp Police Department, being part of an arrest and proactive team after years of patrolling and work in a narcotics unit.


Halfswording in armour
Medieval daggerwork, some basics
Ringkunst seminar
Breaking and entering
Exploring the scissors and pommelhook in medieval daggerwork
Hunting down the opponent
Embrase him/her… an introduction to Abrazare
Using a flexible tool against dagger: an extrapolation of medieval techniques.
Lock / Unlock: on the application of bent armlocks in historical ringen
Shoot your point!
Pick a leg

Lectures: The past and present of European martial arts. (Dutch PPS)

Events taught at:

Arts of Mars World Wide Open Longsword & Rapier Championship
Hemac Dijon

Contact[email protected]