Instructor: Maciej Talaga
Country: Poland

Contact[email protected]

Bio: Maciej has studied German longsword and dagger fighting systems under the guidance of Bart Walczak since 2007. Since 2008 he is one of the instructors at ARMA Poland Study Group in Warsaw and a member of the FEDER (Polish Federation for Historical European Martial Arts). Since 2010 he is the chief of ARMA Poland.

On Sep 17th 2011 he fought a 100 bouts in a row against 14 opponents from various Polish clubs. He completed this with 57% wins and 19% double hits.

Moreover he has some experience in langes messer, spear, wrestling and is a competitive swordsman participating regularly in Polish longsword tournaments.

Apart from fencing he is a BA in Archaeology focusing on the Middle Ages and Bioarchaeology.


Going straight at him – How to transform proper form into an effective combat move.

Events instructed at:

Swordfish 2011, Sweden
ARMA-PL National Gathering 2011, Poland

Contact: [email protected]