Instructor: Michael-Forest Meservy
Country: USA
Club: Noble Science Academy

Contact: [email protected]

Bio: Michael-Forest Meservy is the founder and head instructor of the Noble Science Academy.  Michael-Forest initially began his study of the longsword in 2001 under the tutelage of Jake Norwood.  When Michael-Forest relocated to Reno, Nevada, he formed the Noble Science Academy there, which initially focused on studying Fiore’s longsword.

In the following years, he has studied a number of other European martial traditions, most especially the art of the longsword found in Liechtenauer, Codex Wallerstein, and Paurñfeindt, and has honed his skills as a fencer and instructor.  He is also an advocate for Folk Wrestling in HEMA, and teaches the only regular class on Scottish Backhold in the Western US.

Michael-Forest holds an MLitt in Medieval History from the University of Glasgow.


Introduction to Scottish Backhold
Destroying the Oberhau (Longsword)
Choices at the Bind:  Feeling and Winding (Longsword)
The Tactical Flügelhau (Longsword)

Contact: [email protected]