Instructor: Andreas Engström
Country: Sweden
Club: Gothenburg Historical Fencing School

Contact[email protected]

Bio: Andreas fences both with the longsword, based on the “Ringeck” treatise and with a sabre in the Swedish Military style. He also teaches the latter at Gothenburg Historical Fencing School and has taught it at several international events as well.

Andreas is also an accomplished translator of Fechtbuchen and has translated the treatise Dresd.487 “Sigmund Ringeck” into Swedish, which has been used as a foundation for the training of GHFS. He has also transcribed the Codex I.6.2.5, the “Hans Medel fechtbuch”.


Basic Swedish infantry sabre

Advanced Swedish infantry sabre

Ringen am Schwert – an introduction

Ringen am Schwert – from Codex Wallerstein

Events taught at: Swordfish, Fightcamp

Contact: [email protected]