Instructor: Herbert Schmidt
Country: Austria
Club: Ars Gladii

Contact[email protected]

Bio: Herbert has been doing HEMA since the mid 90’s and he is the founder of Ars Gladii. He is still the trainer of the group. He speciales in sword and buckler and the longsword – both in the German tradition. Herbert is best known for his I.33 work and he works internationally with different groups and individuals.

He has published a lot of articles in magazines and he has written two books about swordsmanship; The first covers the German Longsword and the second Sword and Buckler

Herbert has held seminars in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, England, Portugal and Venezuela and he has also given lectures and demonstrations at several museums in Austria, Germany and England.

Herbert is a member of HEMAC since 2007. He is also a member of Ars Gladii and of ÖFHF.

Workshops: Sword & Buckler:

Basic principles and foundations of I.33

Advanced classes of I.33

Tactics of I.33

Sword and Buckler in general

Workshops: Longsword:

Entering a fight

Tactics in the German System

Additional classes: Any given subject of German Longsword as well as Sword & Buckler is possible.

Lectures: Lectures regarding swordsmanship as well as about original swords are possible at every time.

Events instructed at:



Fight Camp

Jornadas de Esgrima Historica

Contact: [email protected]