Time and time again, it has become apparent that many researchers work on very similar, or even identical projects, completely unaware of each other, meaning both a lot of work is done unnecessarily, and also a lot of potential is lost. This is something HROARR would like to work to lessen, simply by connecting people.

So, if you are already working on something and would appreciate input or a working partner, or wish to initiate or suggest a new research project, then please let us know.


Jessica Finley

Affiliations: Selohaar Fechtschule
Contact: [email protected]

Current research projects

  • 15c German Hunting Culture as a training ground for war:  how a transfer of terminology and tactics used to hunt game to game were applied to martial arts.
  • Medieval Tree Diagrams as a method for internalizing large amounts of information:  Using the Rossfechten trees in the Von Danzig manuscript to understand the structure of LIechtenauer’s verse as a whole.
  • Pedagogical structure found in the Twerch Ringen from Codex Wallerstein.


Jürg Gassmann

Affiliations: Artes Certaminis, Schweizer Rossfechten-Verein
Contact: [email protected]

Current research projects

  • The European “war horse” in the High and Late Middle Ages
  • Training of horses in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • Geometry in warfare


Robert Geißler

Affiliations: Tremonia Fechten, Forschungsgemeinschaft Historische Kampfkunst
Contact: [email protected]

Current research projects

  • Measurement and evaluation of mechanical properties of swords


Rebecca Glass

Affiliations: NYHFA
Contact: [email protected]

Current research projects

  • Cultural context & contributions of Jewish people to the HEMA


Matt O Connor

Affiliations: Trinity College Dublin
Contact: [email protected]

Current research projects

  • Analysis of the pedagogical methods in the Fiore, Bolonegese and KdF manuals


Roger Norling

Affiliations: Gothenburg Free Fencers Guild, Meyer Frei Fechter Guild, HEMAC, Acta Periodica Duellatorum
Contact: [email protected]

Current research projects

  • Analysis of artwork in Renaissance fencing treatises
  • Antique Renaissance Fencing Swords (Fechtschwerter)
  • Historical artwork depicting the martial traditions and culture of Europe
  • The HEMA Pioneers of the 19th and early 20th Century
  • The Martial Arts of Man vs Beast
  • Research Methodology for HEMA
  • Teaching Methodology and Pedagogics for HEMA
  • The Change From Oral to Written Culture in European Martial Arts History
  • The Life and Works of Renaissance Fencing Master Joachim Meyer
  • The Martial Arts System of Renaissance Fencing Master Joachim Meyer (Unarmed, dagger, dusack, longsword, quarterstaff, halberd & pike)
  • The Martial Arts History of Sweden
  • The Renaissance Fencing Guilds


Chris Ouellet

Contact:[email protected]

Current research projects

  • The Martial Arts System of Renaissance Fencing Master Joachim Meyer – Behind the blade and grappling