Name: Laszlo Schunder
Country: Hungary
Club: Ars Ensis

Contact: [email protected]

Education: Qualified sports coach.

Experience: I practiced martial arts (kendo) since many years before I find HEMA at 2009. Now I am one of the lead instructor’s of the largest Hungarian group, the Ars Ensis. ( I am member of HEMAC. I won the feder tournament in Dijon at 2011 and the Ars Ensis League and Championship in same year. I have some research of “longsword – fencing as sports”. I wrote the Ars Ensis basic sabre manual based on Cold Steel and Chappon’s manual.


Contact: [email protected]

Languages: English, Hungarian


Duel with saber in the late XIX. Based on the Hungarian saber – instructor, br. Samu Chappon’s manual.

Improve your movement speed (Longsword)