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Training videos added

In an attempt at boosting both the training and the making of HEMA training and exercise videos, HROARR from now on will have numerous pages with videos for you to study. You can find them all under the Training section, under Training Videos.

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Fighting Successfully – Bridging The Gap Between Technique And Free Play

Did you ever face the situation that you trained a technique over and over, again and again and it just straight out refuses to come out during free play? Then you know the frustration if expectations and results don’t match.

Failing time and time again, because you can’t pull of what you should be able to doesn’t feel nice. It can be devastating and lead the most dedicated of us down a path of frustration. It can be a reason why people quit HEMA altogether.

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Noël, Noël!

Still not in that proper Christmas mood yet? Well grab your eggnog, turn up the speakers and sing along! Here is another Christmas card from GHFS and HROARR! 2012 has been an amazing year and we are deeply grateful to the whole...

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