Author: Roger Norling

The Importance of Books

Renowned Scottish HEMA fencer Keith Farrell has now completed is interview series on The Importance of Books in the HEMA Community. He himself comments it with the following words:

“Personally, I think books are immensely important to the community (and in general!), but I was interested to find out more about how other people see the issue. I asked several well-known HEMA practitioners from around the world, including instructors, competitors, people who compete rarely, published authors, and academics.”
Check it out at his site

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HROARR move complete.

HROARR is now officially on a new and much faster and reliable server. Bit more expensive, but well worth it. And the new hosting account is upgraded with bills paid, so the transfer is now complete. It is such a great relief after two years of awful struggling with the old virtual server, so a heavy weight is off my shoulders. Now back to work on the site, and getting some new articles out there…

Meanwhile, have a look at some of the new content!

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Lecture videos added

In an attempt at boosting both the research and the making of HEMA lecture videos, HROARR from now on will have numerous pages with videos for you to study. You can find them all under the Research section, under Research Videos.

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Articles on HEMA pedagogics

A couple of years ago I felt that there was too little discussion on pedagogics and teaching methodology in HEMA, a feeling I still have even if it is slowly improving, and for this reason I wrote three articles on this particular topic. This material I have also rewritten to some degree for a new book which also has several other chapters added already.

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Training videos added

In an attempt at boosting both the training and the making of HEMA training and exercise videos, HROARR from now on will have numerous pages with videos for you to study. You can find them all under the Training section, under Training Videos.

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Study videos added

In an attempt at boosting both the study and the making of HEMA videos, HROARR from now on will have numerous pages with videos for you to study. You can find them all under the Study section, under Study Videos.

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News: New page with posts from the HEMA Blogosphere

We have very exciting news for you today. We finally officially launched a new page on HROARR called the HEMA Blogosphere found in the main menu under “Reading”. This page collects excerpts of all the latest posts from some of the most important HEMA blogs and presents them in a single place, with links to the full articles. This makes it far easier to get an overview over what is happening. Currently it lists more than 425 posts.

If you wish to have your blog added, or removed then just contact us and we will fix it right away. Hope you like it!

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HROARR has another sister site!

This week we launched a sister site called Northern Bush. This site is dedicated to living in the wild with hiking, camping, bushcrafting and survivalism as core topics. It will contain reviews and articles and it is quite possible that it will grow to become similar to HROARR in that it is open for others to write and share their experiences too, to a large audience. Let us know if you wish to join.

The site can be found at and on Facebook at

Remember to “like” the site and share the link to others who might find it useful and interesting! We really appreciate your help in spreading the word.

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Technical issues

Hi everyone! For the last few days we have been experiencing some technical issues with the site. I am not quite sure of the cause but it may be due to a server update, but possibly also some other reasons. We are working...

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HEMA in the N.Y. Times

We’re quite excited to see HEMA being reported in the renowned and prestigious N.Y. Times magazine! It features both an article on the HEMA event Longpoint by Mac William Bishop as well as a video report, both showing...

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Hroarr is closing down

Hello dear HEMA community! I am sad to say that I’ve reached one of those points in life where you have to make a drastic choice, where you look back on things done and weigh their value against the possible futures....

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Thank you for 2013!

I just want to thank everyone for an amazing year, both for me as a person for being given the chance to travel the world to teach and meet some incredible people, but also for the quite stunning development the HROARR site has...

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Forum update

Now your club can also have a private or public place to debate, right here on HROARR under the forum Clubs & Organisations. All you need to do is to register yourself at and contact me and I...

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The HEMAtrix

HROARR now has its own ‘Pinterest’-style page called the HEMAtrix. Each image is gathered from the article material and links directly to its article. A fun, random and interesting new way of browsing the HROARR...

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International event in Italy

Here is a Historical Fencing event in Rome, Italy, some of you may not be familiar with. It is now being prepared for the sixth time and will include tournaments, workshops and seminars. This should be great fun, so have a look!...

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Noël, Noël!

Still not in that proper Christmas mood yet? Well grab your eggnog, turn up the speakers and sing along! Here is another Christmas card from GHFS and HROARR! 2012 has been an amazing year and we are deeply grateful to the whole...

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Remember Mair

On this day, December 10, 433 years ago, Paul Hektor Mair was hung at the age of 62, convicted of embezzlement of the city of Augsburg’s funds. He had spent the money on a lavish lifestyle, often throwing big parties with...

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Record for Swordfish 2012

Swordfish 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden is already a smashing hit with more than 200 participants registered. Every year it grows and this year we have six tournaments, including a grappling tournament and a Ladies’...

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A thank you!

It is very, very cool to see that statistics show how reviews on HROARR with time reaches at least about 20-25% of the whole HEMA community! Thank you so much for all your visits! And soon there will be a new review series of...

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Visiting countries

I find it utterly amazing that since I started measuring the visitor statistics of the HROARR site in March 2009 we have had visitors from the following 115 countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Austria, Australia,...

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Happy Easter!

  We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter! A lot of really exciting things are going on in our community. The number of practitioners is constantly growing and we appear to be a couple of thousand more than we were...

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Liechtenauer a Swede!

Just found solid proof that Johannes Liechtenauer originally came from Sweden and that this Johannes of Sueeno is indeed the fencing teacher that Fiore Dei Liberi says he was taught by. Sueeno is an older spelling of what is...

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An open invitation.

Hi everyone! I would like to share a bit of my vision for the new HROARR site. First of all, its purpose is simply to help research, material development and practicing of HEMA. This is done by providing tools, source material,...

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