Confirmed instructors thus far are:

Roman Vucajnk (Academia artis dimicatoriae)
Harry Winter (Dreynschlag)
Alberto Bomprezzi (AEEA)
Mishaël Lopes Cardozo (AMEK)
Ignacio Buján (Sala de Armas Fénix)

Classes will cover dagger, grappling, longsword (close combat techniques, Goliath), rapier (Spanish Destreza), sword&buckler (Lignitzer) and biomechanics.

As a reference we leave some comments from Bilbao Armata 2011 instructors

Fabrice Cognot (De Taille et d’Estoc)

I’ve had the honour and pleasure to be invited to teach at the Bilbao Armata last September. It is always a treat to see old HEMA friends and make new ones, but this pleasure was heightened by the smooth organisation of this event and the outstanding hospitality of its hosts.

And in spite of very hot days and nights (though not necessarily for the same reasons), this event delivered, to say the least. I can’t judge for my own part (I talked about French rapier and Burgundian Poleaxe), but I can vouch for the quality of the other classes thanks not only to the high level of martial proficiency and teaching of the other instructors, but also the receptive, dedicated and sometimes highly skilled audience – they even managed to bear with my dubious humour, and that’s saying something.

And I had good free play time too.

All in all, I have nothing but fond memories of this event – worth every second. Please guys, let me be there next time, ok ?

Roman Vucajnk (Academia artis dimicatoriae)

The organisers of Bilbao Armata have succeeded in placing the event firmly on the international HEMA map. The event was well planned with all the features neatly optimised to meet the expectations of attendees, as well as instructors. Workshops were held in a modern, fully equipped gym and the time-frame ensured a smooth run of the event. The organising crew completed their task on a highly professional level, while at the same time treating everybody to overwhelming splendour of the local hospitality. Bilbao Armata is certainly to be revisited next year!

Johannes Pelzer (Gladiatores):

For me, the Bilbao Armata 2011 was an awesome weekend. The organisators from SAF, worked really hard to make everything comfortable for the participants. I would be happy to there in 2012 again and recommend this event to you.


Best Regards

Jesús Daniel Nuevo
Sala de Armas Fénix