A Celebration of R.L. Scott and His Arms & Armour Collection Glasgow Museums 19-20 September 2012

“No master better versed in their points”

This was arms and armour scholar Sir James Mann’s assessment of this remarkable man.
Robert Lyons Scott (1871-1939) was the chairman of the oldest shipbuilding firm in the world. On his death he bequeathed to the people of Glasgow his magnificent collection of arms and armour comprising 890 pieces and 3000 books and manuscripts; the “most considerable collection in private hands at that time”. It included such treasures as the “Avant” armour, c. 1440 and the Greenwich armour for man and horse of the first earl of Pembroke, c. 1555.

Along with arms and armour his extraordinary collection contained one of the finest libraries of its kind. What he referred to in 1935 as “the inevitable books – damn them!” include the only surviving copy of the earliest printed book with illustrations on swordsmanship (Vienna, 1516), a unique illustrated MS of the followers of Liechtenauer, and a manuscript in the hand of the master of arms Gregor Erhart.

The aim of Scott’s generous bequest was to “provide an instructive survey of the history of arms and armour” to the people of Glasgow.

Confirmed speakers include:
Prof. Sydney Anglo
Dr Tobias Capwell
Messrs Michael Chidester
John Clements
Matt Galas
Steve Hick
Peter Johnsson
Robert C. Woosnam-Savage

Location: Kelvingrove Museum, 19th-20th September 2012 .

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