Great new project for creating a proper articulated protective glove for HEMA fencing that we strongly support. It is run as a crowd-funding project by Maarten Kamphuis, the man behind and the Swing, together with Youval Kuipers with whom he also designed the tournament software Hema Tournament Manager used at last year’s Swordfish.

Both of them are active HEMA-practitioners and have set very high goals for this project, with gloves that should offer ultimate protection at the same time as they should be articulated enough to allow you to play musical instruments. Maarten’s engineering background combined with his understanding of HEMA gives us good hope that they will be able to create something unique and remarkable.

Learn more here, and do your best in supporting their efforts. It is much needed for us to be able to succeed in recreating these Arts:

The ProGauntlent Crowd-Funding project