I just want to thank everyone for an amazing year, both for me as a person for being given the chance to travel the world to teach and meet some incredible people, but also for the quite stunning development the HROARR site has had over the last few years with the help of all the authors and readers.

This year we have had 18 authors sharing 38 good quality articles for free which is just amazing. We have also had more than 50,000 unique returning visitors from more than a 100 countries, which would seem to indicate a large number of non-HEMA people using the site as well, with a much greater audience of reenactors, and other people with an interest in historical combat, arms and armour. Out of those about 25,000 have visited the site more than 10 times. In total the site has had about 200,000 page views in 2013 and more than half have lasted for more than a minute each on average.

This year we have also seen the introduction of some very cool things. Three clubs have their own forums on HROARR now (as can any club for free). We have a very good book page, maintained by GHFS member Mattias Moberg and we also saw the very first HEMA Scholar Awards which we have great hopes for as something that will stand on its own in the future.

Of course we have also added more clubs to the club list, more downloadable manuals to the manual list, more instructors and workshops on their respective pages and more events on the events list. Please continue helping us keeping all this updated.


And again for you, here are the articles of 2013:

Phil Crawley

From Treatise to Exercise- a model for turning text into action
Translation of an Essay on Saint Didier’s Fencing Treatise
“Contenders ready!” The Gladiator Revival of Belle Epoque France

Reinier van Noort

Some Fencing Rules
A short note on strengeren, or “gaining the blade”. 

Anders Linnard

Creativity, stress, and a stiff upper lip
What is a fencer? 

Piermarco Terminiello

Fencing Culture, Duelling and Violence
Giovanni Battista Gaiani (1619) – An Italian Perspective on Competitive Fencing 

Alen Lovric

Longswords and their data
A theory-based approach to teaching HEMA 

Rob Runacres

Exercises for the Cloak and Rapier
Brief Notes on Using the Cloak with the Rapier

Jean Chandler

French fencing guilds
Review: Warring Maidens, Captive Wives, and Hussite Queens

Iacopo Venni

Unfolding the cape

Andrea Morini

15th and 16th century Italian wrestling analogies

Jens Peter Kleinau

The chronology of fencing books

Igor Andreev

Smallsword… for we are many

Luis Preto

Physical conditioning, health & sport readiness

Fran Terminiello

Lady Fencers – transcript of an article in The Harmsworth Magazine, issue July 1899

Kit Smith

Simple Staff Method and Drills

Bartosz Sieniawski

The Saber’s Many Travels (The Origins of the Cross-Cutting Art)

Richard Marsden

Napoleonic Flame-War ‘Cut vs Thrust’

Eugenio Garcia-Salmones

The Plagiarism by Nicolleto Giganti

Roger Norling

Review: SPES HEMA Jacket – Axel P model
Review: Black Lance 5-finger HEMA Gloves
Review: Where’s my fighting trousers?
Review: Regenyei fechtschwert

The Onion: Vor & Nach flow exercises: Part 6
The Onion: Vor & Nach flow exercises: Part 5
The Onion: Vor & Nach flow exercises: Part 4
The Onion: Vor & Nach flow exercises: Part 3
The Onion: Vor & Nach flow exercises: Part 2
The Onion: Vor & Nach flow exercises: Part 1

A tear in our beer for Sir Richard Burton
Joachim Meyer’s dagger system
A mentality of fear – and its importance to fighting
Meyer freeflow exercises
Meyer’s masters
A Mentality of Fear
Save the wrestling! A short history of wrestling
The WhatChaMaCallIt-Schwert