After several years of meetings, exchanges and cross trainings, some Spanish HEMA groups have decided to create a common structure that allows, in the near future, the recognition to their investigation, interpretative and promotion efforts and the defense of their interests. To achieve this, the founding Associations (list attached) have created a National wide entity liable to be reckoned for its specialists in Historical European Martial Arts.

The representatives of our Associations, after a thorough and deep debate, have decided by majority to constitute as a FEDERATION and thus become the SPANISH HISTORICAL FENCING ASSOCIATION (F.E.E.H.) This Federation has been registered in the National Archive of Associations.

The Federation has, as one of its goals, to gather Spanish HEMA associations in a national structure that will protect the common interests, as in acknowledgement of investigations, local, regional and national development of HEMA under standard safety parameters and a modern legal framework that takes our necessities into account and that can support the study, practice and promotion of HEMA.

In order to achieve this goals, the F.E.E.H. will support and reinforce the present dynamics and development of HEMA in SPAIN by:

  • Creating exchange points regarding different disciplines and their practice.
  • Giving counsel, contacts and guidance to help practitioners in their daily management and supporting the creation of new associations.
  • Promoting HEMA in all possible Media.
  • Private or public funding, with National and/or European sponsors.

The F.E.E.H. firmly believes in the necessity of an International Federation that will gather and unite all European HEMA community in their investigation, development and promotion, therefore it will support at all and any levels its creation, with the objective of joining and collaborating fully and actively with other organizations such as H.E.M.A.C. or any other similar entities that may be created or already exist.

This statement is signed by the founding members

Asociación de Esgrima Antigua de Soria (A.E.A.S.)

Asociación Lucense de Esgrima Antiga

Asociación Malagueña de Esgrima Histórica – Sala de Armas “Ars Duellicae”

Asociación Riojana Esgrima Antigua (ARIEA)

Asociación Vizcaína de Esgrima Histórica (A.V.E.H.) – Sala de Armas “Don Diego Lopez de Haro”

Club “Princesa Kristina de Noruega”, Burgos

Sala de Armas “Tercio Nuevo”, Mallorca

Sala de Armas “Tercio Viejo”, Alicante

Sala de Armas “Capitán Pedro de Baeza”, Cuenca