Originally starting out just as a simple site to share links to equipment suitable to HEMA and to clubs around the world, the HROARR site has now grown far beyond the hopes that I had when starting the transformation into more of a community site. I am personally extremely happy about this and judging from the response I get when meeting people at events, many feel the same.

However, this growth now also means the place where the site resides has grown too small and we need to move to our own server. This became particularly obvious in these last few weeks of 2014, where hacker attacks have caused extremely slow loading times due to overloading of the shared server.

Unfortunately this is a bit costly, and although I have personally handled various expenses related to the site thus far I am not able to cover this and would therefore like to ask for support from the HEMA community and all other readers of the site. A few bucks per person will quickly add up to cover what is needed. Any surplus of funds will be saved to cover future costs and investments.

Read more on the donation page.

Oh, and Merry Christmas y’all!