The beauty of posting your texts on HROARR is that we then can have lots of HEMA articles published under various categories, even quite specific ones, where people post their thoughts and research, and all of it is searchable for the whole community. This makes everything so much easier to find, while it exposes your ideas to almost the whole community and creates a synergy effect where people work together internationally, across all borders. This is so much better than having everything spread out on various blogs, forums and club/organization sites or even unsearchable pdfs or word docs. Note that you are welcome to post even old texts too. You don’t have to write new stuff. The only requirement is that it is of interest to the HEMA community. So, if you are interested in joining the some 20 current authors on HROARR, then all you need to do is to register at and then let me know so I can give you rights to post articles, reviews, news items and events info.