This video was recorded by the MFFG at the 4th Meyer Symposium in Iowa, USA, 2016 and is yet another small sidetrack from the series.  It shows two basic techniques with Meyer’s quarterstaff; Schnappen and Zucken.

Both these techniques absolutely require that you provoke the opponent into moving his staff to the right, exposing his left side. You can do this with a strike, a push or a thrust. Stepping in aggressively also protects you from a counterthrust, and in the case of Schnappen you are also somewhat covered by your own staff.

The techniques need to be performed fast and decisively using the small opportunity created. In this demonstration, the techniques are shown somewhat slower and broken into steps, for clarity’s sake. In sparring the movements need to be tighter, following each other without pause.

In case he counterthrusts quickly you can also pull the staff back as you strike, parrying with back end held low, shifting towards the Nebenhut stance. This is not shown in the video though.

Note in particular the footwork and the work of the hands and arms.