This video was recorded by the MFFG at the 4th Meyer Symposium in Iowa, USA, 2016. It is a small sidetrack from the series and shows two basic techniques with Meyer’s quarterstaff; Ruck and Truck.

Ruck requires a soft or medium bind to work and just won’t work with a hard bind. Truck on the other hand works with any bind, and is even better in a medium to hard bind.

With Ruck you first extend the back end of your staff to the side and then quickly pull it back while you move forward, making a spiralling movement with your forward part, thus maintaining contact and displacing his staff until you leave the bind for the thrust.

With Truck you raise both staves up while setting your point to the side and dropping low and forward underneath your own staff. This way your opponent feels safe, keeping his point in your direction, while yours is to the side. Then slam the back end to your flank while stepping forward. This drops his staff by your side as you open him up and can thrust straight in.

Note in particular the synchronization of upper and lower body, with footwork in relation to the techniques.