Finally, it is time to start nominating the researchers you admire, respect and consider to be worthy of having their hard work awarded both with these awards and nice prizes like swords, books and fencing gear. Surely you know of some, or are even club mates or friends with such people, so please take a few minutes to check the award categories here:

For the 2013 awards we are now accepting nominations for work published in English in 2012, as well as nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

When nominating people and their work for these awards you need to send in the following to the jury:

  1. The name of the nominee.
  2. Contact info for the nominee.
  3. What award categories you wish to nominate the person for.
  4. Your motivation for nominating this person.
  5. A copy of the work(s) or a link to the material for which the person is nominated.

Please, send all nominations to [email protected]