hroarr-slider-salzburg-ladies-seminar-2014-04Here in Salzburg, in our club called INDES more than a third of the members are female. A while ago the idea came up of having our own weekend seminar just for girls (this was also inspired by the Esfinges-idea), so at the beginning of the year we got together and showed each other helpful training techniques, wrestled, threw knives, shared our goals and experiences, strengthened our friendships and had some great laughs. Since then our motivation has risen a lot and we are planning to have another ladies Weekend in June for all the Austrian HEMA girls.

indes-logo-2014And in a couple of years –who knows- maybe an even bigger event.
Just to give you an impression, here is our group photo. In the end we all put on black dresses and had a fun photo-shooting as well

So thanks to Esfinges and all its inspiring members for the inspiration!”

Suzine Pomeranz