We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter!

A lot of really exciting things are going on in our community. The number of practitioners is constantly growing and we appear to be a couple of thousand more than we were only two years ago, totalling an estimated 12,000 worldwide.

We have also finally received good attention from manufacturers of protective gear, like, Absolute Force, Akademia Broni, Allstar, Negrini, PBT and not least Spes Historical Fencing who all have almost complete HEMA lines. Absolute Force even lists us on the same level as judo, karate, boxing & fencing, which is very cool.

A lot of interesting research is going on and we can look forward to even more, read worthy publications soon, like the new print of the MS. I.33, a book on Duarte and a book on Leküchner, all by Dr. Jeffrey Forgeng.

On top of that we have all the HEMA events which seem to be growing healthily, with the recently held Fechtschule America, the upcoming 11th gathering in Dijon and SKUNKS in Rybnik, Poland in May, Longpoint 2012 in Baltimore, USA in June, the 3rd World Wide Open Longsword Championship in Hannover, Germany and Fight Camp in Coventry, UK in August and of course Swordfish in Gothenburg, Sweden in November. And there are several other very interesting events to be found on the events page of HROARR.

Recently we also saw the formation of both the French and the Swedish national HEMA federations. Congratulations to both!

These are really exciting times for HEMA practitioners and we would like to thank you all for making our lives so much fun and interesting!

Good luck with your training and your studies all!