To all swordsmiths, protection gear manufacturers, equipment retailers, event organizers and other HEMA-related business owners: HROARR is now introducing a discreet and HEMA-specific Ad banner system to help you market your products. The hope is that this will get you all better profit from your business so we all can benefit from your product development in seeing better and better gear for HEMA. Simply put; Your success is good for us! The site reaches about 5000+ HEMA fencers each month, which is close to half of the whole HEMA-community, and many more if you look at it over a longer period of time. And the number is constantly increasing. This means that indirectly your advertising will reach almost all HEMA clubs around the world. All visitors to the HROARR site are looking specifically for HEMA-related things, which means that all of them are interested in swords, protection, books, videos etc. So ask yourself: How many more products would you need to sell to have the investment in advertising pay for itself and what is the likelyhood of this happening from the advertising? All click-throughs are of course traced, as are the number of views for your banner. You can see a very simple example of a banner, linking to T-shirts of our design in the column to the right. This is one of the available banner spaces. Furthermore, as we have extensive experience from making banners ourselves, we will also be able to offer banner production at competetive prices. Of course you are also welcome to provide your own, provided that they follow our guidelines. If this is of interest to you, then contact us either through Facebook, or email: [email protected]