Nicoletto Giganti is one of the most celebrated Italian fencing masters of the 17th century. His widely-acclaimed treatise of 1606 promised a second work, which however was long considered lost or never to have been written.

Nonetheless in 1847 Alberto Marchionni did describe a purported second book by Giganti, outlining its contents in reasonable detail.

In 2012 Joshua Pendragon (as Guest Exhibition Curator for the Noble Art of the Sword exhibition at the Wallace Collection in London) and Piermarco Terminiello, determined that the 1608 edition of Giganti held in the Lord Howard De Walden Library, is none other than the volume promised by Giganti in 1606, and described by Marchionni.

This is the only known extant copy, of a work whose very existence had long been considered no more than a rumour. A book sought after and anticipated for centuries.

This find is significant for scholars and enthusiasts of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) worldwide, and for Fox Spirit the treasure hunt of its rediscovery is equally compelling. We are very proud and excited, after centuries of obscurity, to present you with the ‘lost’ work of a great Italian master, fully illustrated, in complete English translation.

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