Here is a campaign we support 100% and strongly encourage you to consider supporting as well. So, what is Fighters Against Racism? The Fighters Against Racism movement was started by David Rawlings of the London Longsword Academy to promote and provide a positive environment within the martial arts regardless of gender, immigration status, race, or religion.

FAR is a group for martial artists of all kinds who want to take a stand against racism and ensure that anyone can practice our arts and be part of the MA community without fear of discrimination. Wear the FAR logo to show your commitment to diversity and inclusivity at your MA clubs, schools and events.

Quoting David Rawlings this is the reasoning behind the campaign:

Several years ago I started Fighters Against Racism as I perceived an upswing in the amount of racial abuse within sport.
I wanted a simple way for schools teachers and students of the martial arts, to state that they will not judge people based on their regardless of gender, immigration status, race, or religion.

Of course it takes more than a T shirt to make that happen, we must make great efforts to make that inclusive environment within our schools. But hey, the T shirt gets the message across too.

So give it some thought, get your wallets out and please help support this cause. It deserves your support. You can find the campaign here: