We are deeply saddened by the news that Rory van Noort of AMEK, one of the brightest shining rising stars of HEMA has left us far too young. We wish to express our most sincere sympathies to his family and friends in these very sad days. We have all lost a great man and athlete and the world is less bright without him.

In his honour, the GHFS will be holding a moment of silence before tomorrow’s training. We encourage everyone to attend and others to do the same.

Also in his honour, the HROARR site will not be linking to any articles on its front page for some time.

Please think of people around you who find especially this period of the year very depressing due to loneliness and the common notion that Christmas is a time for everyone to be happy. Many simple aren’t and have a particularly hard time about now. And if you know of such a person, let them know you care for them too!

All of you are also most welcome to share memories of Rory in the commentaries, so they are preserved for family and friends.

Rest in peace Rory!