Hi everyone!

hroarr-hema-scholar-awards-2013-01As we all know HEMA has many different aspects that are all equally important in our shared effort in recreating these forgotten martial arts. Lately, tournaments have received much attention and the top fighters are household names for all of us involved in HEMA. This is really cool and exciting to see and we are very happy for it!

However, all of our success rests on the hard work of researchers, transcribers, translators and interpreters, hard work that often receives little recognition or actual reward in the way that tournament fighting does, not least since much work is done silently and generously published online for free.

This, some of us feel is both unfortunate and possibly also somewhat dangerous for the future development of HEMA as we risk stagnation in the field of research. So, HROARR wishes to put the spotlight on examples of great researchers to be inspired by, for the future generations.

With this in mind, and acting as a neutral party within the HEMA community, HROARR is now introducing annual awards for Best efforts in HEMA research.

Read more here: https://hroarr.com/hema-scholar-awards-2013/