I posted the other day, asking you all to become patrons of HROARR, to pledge yourselves to paying a few dollars (or just a single dollar) every month to help me make my vision for HROARR come true. Basically, I am humbly asking for the historical fencing community to together employ me. www.patreon.com/hroarr

I would like to explain a little more about what I have in mind.

But first a little background: Some seven years ago I started up this web site, dedicating it to the HEMA community. I did this for a variety of reasons. One of them was to help the community gather together and show that it was big and quickly growing, so we could get manufacturers to start producing professional gear for us. In relation to this I also painstakingly collected data for a census of all the currently listed clubs and active practitioners. This we have accomplished now.

The other, and bigger, reason, was for the whole community to have a single, independent place to gather around and share ideas on research, teaching and learning these wonderful arts. The idea is to cross borders and work for inclusion and international cooperation. To this day, about 60 writers have shared their thoughts in hundreds of articles and thousands of fencing related artwork published on the site. And the site has some 30,000 regular followers every year, who visit the site 10 times per year or more, which is fantastic!

Building this has taken a LOT of work, thousands of hours by now, and personally I’ve taken quite a few hard hits from this, not least financially, and it is not really sustainable in the long run. Things are really way past the breaking point already and I’ve been close to getting burned out this past year.

Simply put; I really need your support to be able to keep this going.

Now to the vision. If enough of you support this, then I can finally direct my time and resources to focus completely on two steps of development:

  1. Improving the existing site and completing tasks that have taken too much time to do, like
    a. Adding hundreds of downloadable treatises into the searchable database.
    b. Updating the international club finder list.
    c. Upgrading the article/author system to full-powered software
  1. Adding new features that broaden the scope of the site and transforms it into a living and breathing magazine, for example:
    a. News from the community
    b. Updated events calendar
    c. Interviews with practitioners, researchers, instructors and organizers
    d. Guides for starting up clubs & study groups
    e. Guides on teaching & pedagogics
    f. Beginner’s guides on basics for different styles and weapons
    g. Instruction videos
    h. Database of fencing related artwork
    i. Publishing printed anthologies of articles
    j. Expanding collaboration with other community projects

Here is what is needed on a regular basis:

  • Funds for server costs
  • Funds for software
  • Funds for right to use digital copies of artwork
  • Funds for programming, project management and editorial work

It has been suggested that I should add “carrots”, material exclusive for the patrons, but I am reluctant to do so as the whole idea behind the site is to keep everything free and available. I hope and believe that you will recognize the value of the site and choose to support it anyways. That said, I might add things like patches, clothing or other paraphernalia to patrons of HROARR. And I am considering adding regular videos of exercises to use for training with different weapons. Possibly even personal online support with training.

So, I hope you will consider this, that you will find the project intriguing and that I am the right man for the job. You probably know the HROARR.com site already, the numerous articles I have written, maybe even have met me at the 40 something workshops I have held around the world, or perhaps have heard of the HEMA Scholar Awards I launched four years ago. If nothing else, I am dedicated and persistent and I promise, with your support, I will do my best to make this come true.


Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Roger Norling
Founder of HROARR.com and the HEMA Scholar Awards