“Dear Customers,

Sadly due to ill health, we need to close the Danelli Armouries forge: Marco needs time to recover from an ongoing illness which has left him unable to work and right now he needs to focus on his physical recovery.
I hope that you can understand that to turn away almost two years of pre-planned work orders is heartbreaking for us as it is the work of our heart as much as we hate letting you down.

For us the forge has never been about the business, but about delivering the very best blade we can, seeing in the hands of our customers the very best possible thing we can make for them to enjoy, and finding we can not fulfil this passion because ill health makes it impossible is heartbreaking.

We sincerely apologise to all of you who put your faith and patience in us but for now we need to rest, and recover our health, to this end it is necessary to put these measures in place:

We will no longer be accepting new orders.

Any existing custom order and collector order will be cancelled.

Any entry level swords orders will be met; albeit slowly so please bear with us*

Any undergoing order, any order that has been paid for (including gift cards) will be met; I will write every customer a follow up email as soon as I can.

Any spare blade order will be taken on by our very talented bladesmith Chris Adams, who is going solo with our blessing – look for Balefire Blades on Facebook!

Please understand that this decision has been made for us, rather than by us.

We ask for your patience and consideration; and if possible your kind thoughts and encouragement

I will follow up with an email to all of our customers: custom and collectors orders to confirm cancellation, to each of the entry level swords, blade replacement, undergoing orders customers with approximate timing on deliveries. 
We will be experiencing high volumes of emails so please be patient with me.

If you wish to email me directly for urgent communication please use my personal address: [email protected]

With a very heavy heart and all our love

Giulia and Marco Danelli.”

We all of course wish for a speedy recovery for Marco and support his decision, and hope you stay with us even in the future, chatting, fencing and socializing with all of us! And we wish Chris Adams all the best in hes new endeavour and look forward to seeing, and using, his work!