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Community News

News: HEMA in the 2nd European Games in Minsk

When hearing of the planned HEMA participation at the 2nd European Games in Minsk, I first felt quite excited, and then ambivalent for what I am sure are obvious reasons to anyone who knows me. But, after giving it some careful consideration, I now here express my...

Community News

Announcement from Danelli Armouries

"Dear Customers, Sadly due to ill health, we need to close the Danelli Armouries forge: Marco needs time to recover from an ongoing illness which has left him unable to work and right now he needs to focus on his physical recovery. I hope that you can understand that...

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The Importance of Books

Renowned Scottish HEMA fencer Keith Farrell has now completed is interview series on The Importance of Books in the HEMA Community. He himself comments it with the following words:

“Personally, I think books are immensely important to the community (and in general!), but I was interested to find out more about how other people see the issue. I asked several well-known HEMA practitioners from around the world, including instructors, competitors, people who compete rarely, published authors, and academics.”
Check it out at his site keithfarrell.net

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