This page contains scans of handwritten manuscripts and books relating to different European combat techniques. The majority were written by German or Italian fencing masters between 1200-1600AD.

If you discover a document that shouldn’t be online or distributed here, then please let me know. I am trying to collect as much material as possible while sustaining a proper respect for copyrights. However, unintentional mistakes can and probably will happen, since the material is quite old and the copyrights status might in some cases be unclear.

Great lists of what is known to exist or have existed can be found here:

Wiktenauer – The #1 site for research of Historical European Martial Arts.

Schola Artis Gladii et Armorum – Treatise database. – A great database with tons of useful. info.

The Schola Gladiatoria Forum – Online Fencing and Martial Treatises. – Lots of goodies

ARMA – Historical European Martial Arts & Fencing Texts – Old page, but a lot of info still.