Joachim Meyer’s dagger system

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Joachim Meyer’s dagger system

Post by Roger N » Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:30 pm

Having taken Jay Vail's excellent class at the first Annual Meyer Symposium I have now decided to systemize Meyer's dagger in a similar fashion to how I have systemized his staff. So, from the longest to the shortest.

The work has already begun and I will keep posting articles as well as updating some of them here: ... er-dagger/

Most techniques that Meyer teaches can be found elsewhere in Italian and German sources like Fiore, Kal, Falkner etc. In particular there is distinct shared material with Talhoffer, which is particularly interesting as that may indicate some core material taught by the Marxbrüder, assuming that Meyer too started out as one, or at least was familiar with their teachings.

The reason why Marozzo in particular is of interest is the rather unusual amount of shared illustrations. 14 out of 22, to be exact. That is simply too much to be a coincidence, in my opinion. I too believe there is a lot of written shared material as well, but I need to dig into all of this more deeply first.

Meyer is a bit unusual in that he has the "Shit happens" scenarios, where you are advised on what to do when your plan doesn't work. In that sense it is more down to earth, more "street" I think. He also includes multiple stabbings, quite violently, and continues to work with the Vor, Reitzen-Nehmen-Treffen-Abzug etc. Very cool approach, I feel.
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