Simon Händl's Stammbuch - with Jost Amman added and flail...

These images are found in sources that are not specifically related to fencing manuscripts
Kevin Maurer

Re: Simon Händl's Stammbuch - with Jost Amman added and flail...

Post by Kevin Maurer » Tue May 25, 2010 4:20 pm

Roger that is what I am thinking, that the Flail was often encountered and had to be defended against
hence the , section in Meyer's Rappier, that deals with Rappier against a Peasant weapon.
Also the puzzling thing with the Meyer Flail plate is, i have found no text in Meyer
about Flail. And the kicker is: when we look at Sutor, who has Flail, and is a derivative of Meyer,
that the text Sutor writes about Flail, is describing what the Two Boys are doing with the Flails in Plate M
of Meyer. And is acutally from Meyer's staff section!?!
This has led me to believe that perhaps the Flail text was omitted from Meyer. But that
doesnt make sense, because we see in the 1570 Strassburg of Meyer that there is a corrections
page at the end. Surely Master Meyer proof read the printed copy, and included a page with
corrections. After it was typeset and printed. Why did he not insist that his Supposed missing flail text be
added? Weird.
And thanks I am furiously working on finishing the book. It is quite a task, and it troubles me, that I
continue to translate research that is revealing. So i am tempted to keep amassing info, but i also
need to cut it off at some point. I'm torn. Thanks Roger.
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