Joachim Meÿer Halben Stangen – “ Catch him in his own techniques” (Quarterstaff)

Description: The class will focus on the basics of Joachim Meÿer’s Halben Stangen techniques, including body mechanics, stances, movement patterns, isolated techniques, strategies and training exercises. The goal is to give a solid foundation that gives you a proper core on which you can continue working, while also giving an overview of the full complexity of staff fencing, so you know what to strive for.

The class requires no previous knowledge of quarterstaff fencing, but a familiarity with the terminology of the Liechtenauer tradition is good, albeit not required.

The class is open to as many as the hall can take, but preferably not more than 30 students.

Duration: 2-4 hours.

Requirements: Oak or Ash staffs needs to be provided by the organizer or the students. A fencing mask, throat protection and good protective gloves are required.

Instructor: Roger Norling

Country: Sweden

Club: Gothenburg Free Fencers Guild, Meyer Frei Fechter Guild

19th Century Great Stick after Alfred Hutton, Cerri & Siebenharr

Description: This class provides an introduction to the 19th century system of Great Stick Fencing, based upon the works of Alfred Hutton, Giuseppe Cerri and Siebenharr. Also known as the ‘Grand Baton’, ‘Bastone a due mani’ or the ‘Lange Stok’, study of this system provides a valuable introduction to the 19th century system of two handed staff play.

The class is open to as many as the hall can take and there is equipment for.

Duration:2 hours to 2 days.

Requirements: A fencing mask, good protective gloves are required as well as a five foot Rattan or PVC staff (a small number can be provided)

Instructor: Andy Taylor

Country: United Kingdom

Club: Stork’s Beak: School of Historical Swordsmanship