closing-downHello dear HEMA community!

I am sad to say that I’ve reached one of those points in life where you have to make a drastic choice, where you look back on things done and weigh their value against the possible futures. Unfortunately weighing HEMA and what I have invested into it up until now has led me to realise that I for A too long time have Prioritized the wrong things in life, that I am wasting my time on childish sword fantasies and it is time to finally grow up.

Consequently I am dropping HEMA for good, closing down the HROARR site immediately. It hasn’t been an easy decision, but it has been growing within for a long time and I believe it is the Right one. With this, I will also be removing myself from the Internet, dropping all digital communication, going back to my roots up north, to nature, living off of the Land with my family and guns.

I apologize to everyone who is negatively affected by this. Best of luck to all of you. Have Fun! I am done. Time to move On to other more important things. Ordinary Life, and real Strength… It’s a brand new DAY. 

Roger Norling
Ex-Chief Editor and Responsible Publisher of

Update: If you haven’t figured out by now, today is April 1, the traditional day for making pranks on people, common in many places around the world. Although several people got the prank, one person only, Konstantinos Tsoukalas, noted the clues, the Verborgenen Wörter, hidden in the capitals of the italicized words. 🙂