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Teaching News

Articles on HEMA pedagogics

A couple of years ago I felt that there was too little discussion on pedagogics and teaching methodology in HEMA, a feeling I still have even if it is slowly improving, and for this reason I wrote three articles on this particular topic. This material I have also rewritten to some degree for a new book which also has several other chapters added already.

Training videos from the GFFG

The training we do at the Gothenburg Free Fencers Guild is divided according to different areas of focus, like e.g: footwork, body mechanics, weapon mechanics etc. For this we do not always carry weapons, instead stripping away anything but focus on the particular...

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Book on cutting with medieval sword released

Long in the works after many years of dedicated work on the topic, renowned US HEMA instructor Mike Edelson has finally released his book on how to cut with medieval swords. The book is described as follows: "For centuries, masters of defense throughout the world...

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Teaching Articles

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The point of sparring

While sounding like a simple thing to define, sparring can have quite a few and very different goals and purposes that are sometimes hard to keep in sight in the heat of the sparring session. With experience this becomes easier to separate as you get accustomed to the...

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All is Not Lost; Or HEMA on the Cheap

My first contact with what I know now as HEMA took place in the spring of 2009. I was attending a military re-enactment event at Jamestown Settlement in Williamsburg, Virginia. One of the re-enactors gave a demonstration on Fiore de Libre’s Armizare. I was intrigued...

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When to hit hard in HEMA

This article describes how full contact martial arts handle sparring intensity like Mixed Martial Arts, Dog Brothers Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Luta Livre, Freestyle wrestling, Kendo and what we can learn from this for HEMA.

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Bored Students

The most knowledgeable of instructors can also be some of the least effective teachers. There are many reasons for this, but today's article will focus on alleviating boredom in students. First, what is boredom? It is when a student is no longer actively engaged. What...

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HEMA Pedagogics Part 2: The implications

Continuing from what we examined in the first HEMA Pedagogics article where we looked at the gymnastics and pedagogics pioneers that laid the foundation for modern teaching we will now look closer at the implications of the 15 points listed at the end of that text....

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