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Gaited horses in Fiore’s manuals?

I was originally researching technical aspects of Fiore’s mounted combat, staring at the illustrations, when I suddenly noticed the horses’ legs. The position of the feet does not depict a walk. I quickly went through all four of the extant Fiore manuscripts, and found the same thing. Most scholars seem to think that Fiore’s mounted techniques are done at either a canter or a walk. For example, Ken Mondschein’s “The Knightly Art of Battle” shows a lance illustration: “The artist’s keen eye for detail extends to the horse’s gait; it is easy to see that this technique is being...

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Knightly Arts: A true-hearted letter of warning of the sad state of current Christianity.

How did one train soldiers and horses for war in the 17th century? These images give a small glimpse of how this was done in Germany, quite possibly in the city of Siegen, somewhere around the first quarter of the 1600s. These illustrations are taken from Johann Jacobi von Wallhausen’s “Ritter kunst : Darinnen begriffen, I. Ein trewhertziges Warnung- schreiben wegen deß Betrübten Zustands jetziger Christenheit. II. Undersicht aller Handgriffen so ein jeder Cauallirer hochnötig zu wissen bedarff.“ of 1614, and show various forms of practice for war, both for man and horse. In my opinion they are especially...

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