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Monumenta Historica Dimicatoria #2 « HEMA Research « Downloads

Date postedJune 30, 2017
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CategoriesHEMA Research , 1600, unarmed, grappling, unarmoured combat, english, french, Anonymous, Monumenta Historica Dimicatoria, pdf
Tagsdimicatoria, monumenta, historica


This issue presents a transcription and English translation of a French-language text describing the conduct of wrestling tournaments in Rome and the surrounding region in the mid-17th century. It consists of a short passage (five pages) appearing in a manuscript compilation of texts on various military subjects. Images of the text from the original manuscript appear at the end of this document.

The author and date remain unknown, but the manuscript appears to originate from the second half of the 17th century, based on the handwriting and various textual references.