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Combat with Two Swords According to Francesco di Sandro Altoni (c.1540) and Marco Docciolini (1601) « unarmoured combat « Browse by combat type « Downloads

Date postedJune 14, 2014
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Despite the sixty years between these treatises, a clear continuity of style and structure supports the existence of a putative “Florentine” school, no less illustrious than the better-known contemporary school of Bologna.

With this article, we hope to increase awareness of an important but rarely studied school of fencing, ahead of the future publication of Docciolini’s treatise in full English translation.

The article itself addresses combat with two swords, another topic that is under-explored, and about which there are often misconceptions. In actuality, combat with two swords holds a relatively privileged position in the systems of Altoni and Docciolini, as the first discipline to be taught after the sword alone.

It is therefore the authors’ hope that this article will provide an interesting and sufficiently representative insight, both into the Florentine school, and to the discipline of combat with two swords itself.

Translation by Piermarco Terminiello and Steven Reich