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Date postedAugust 14, 2013
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Swedish King Karl XI’s and King Karl XII’s fencing master Diederich von Porath, wrote the first known Swedish treatise on fencing entitled “Palaestra Svecana eller den Adelige Fächtare-Konsten”.

Diederich belonged to a long line of University fencing masters and several relatives taught at the universities of Lund, Uppsala, Åbo and Riga. In 1662 he is noted to have travelled to the Swedish embassy in Moscow. After this he travelled to Germany and later France to study fencing.

Around 1674 he returned to Sweden. In 1677 he received an appointment as the fencing master of the Royal Court of King Karl XI and later his son,the famous “Warrior King” Karl XII.

His one and only fencing treatise was published in 1693 and is based on the teachings of Salvator Fabris.

He was nobled by the Swedish King on April 24, 1699 for his service. His coat of arms includes a yellow griffin holding a sword in its hand, against a blue background, using the Swedish colours.

Didrik von Porat died on February 15, 1703. He was buried on March 3, at Spånga cemetery, not far from Kista Gård. His wife lies buried beside him.