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Date postedApril 16, 2012
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Categoriesgrappling, Anonymous, dagger, unarmed, 1500, unarmoured combat, dussack, longsword, polearms, german, quarterstaff, halberd, staff
Tagsstangen, polearms, dagger, grappling, unarmed, wrestling, german, blossfechten, staff, quarterstaff, halberd, guelf 83.4 august 8, longsword, dussack


Author: Anonymous (Unknown)
Date: 1591

Anonymous and unfinished treatise not in the Liechtenauer tradition, which is highly interesting since it teaches the use of Ringen, longsword, dagger, quarterstaff, halberd and dussacken. As such it is one of the four currently known original treatises on the dussacken and the 2nd covering the halben stangen and halberd.

It is also one of the goriest illustrated treatises.

This article might also interest you: Deutsche Fechtkunst im 16. Jahrhundert.

Located: Herzog August Bibliothek