Thoughts: Lutel 15019 is a typical sword created for modern training or steel sword sparring. The blade is simple and the edge is designed to take a beating and is therefore thick, and the sword’s characteristics are good, considering the price and the fact that it is a blunt weapon. There are a few problems though, the first being that the sword has a strong resonance and that the vibrations are considerable. The second is that such a heavy sword, that isn’t completely balanced, is straining in wrists and arms, to beginners in particular, whom likely are the target group for swords in this price range.

After having used Lutel’s sword for roughly a year, with relatively hard training, the sword has stood up very well. It has never chipped and I have never had any problems with the pommel being secured with screw, thread and nut, rather than being butted. Tear and wear on the grip has been minimal and there is no gap. On the whole, this is a very good beginner’s sword that stands up to rough treatment.

Another plus is that the sword also comes with a leather scabbard, and that the delivery times are decent.

Manufacturer: Lutel
Total length: 121 cm
Blade length: 95 cm
Blade width at base: 4,5 cm
Balance point: 11 cm
Rotational point: 7 cm
Center of percussion 58 cm
Weight: 1,75 kg
Price:  9200 CZK

note: Scabbard is included

Reviewer: Anders Linnard of GHFS

Translated by: Roger Norling of