Thoughts: The Regent belongs to a category of longswords that can be presumed to have its origin in the mid 15th century Germany. The pommel is a development of the fishtail type, the blade is hollow ground and thus has no fuller.

What hits you when you at first see the Regent, is quite likely the beautiful lines. The hollow ground blade that curves to an aggressive point, the characteristic pommel type and the unusual grip combines into a particularly pleasing overall impression. The looks in particular has also made many reevaluate the hollow ground swords, and the Regent is something out of the ordinary – even its handling is superb. The hollow ground blade gives it qualities that are a bit unexpected for someone used to a fuller. The blade geometry makes the blade stiffer, but at the same time light and with good cutting qualities. The blades stiffness and durability are suitable for the late 15th century fencing, at the same time as the sword is well balanced and quick.

In drill excercises the sword is easily manouvreable and perfect for technical fine adjustments. Tight hand placement is advantageous, since you both avoid getting stuck with the pommel in your wrist, and at the same time increase your cutting power. The point is lively and gives a menacing impression. Regular soft targets offer no resistance what so ever against the point.

I think it is hard to find a better weapon in its price range. In fact, I think it is hard to find any better weapon in any price range.

note: This sword currently has a four month waiting time from Albion Europe.

Manufacturer: Albion Swords
Category: Next Generation – Medieval Hand-and-a-half
Oakshott type: XVIIIb
Pommel type: V
Total length: 122 cm
Blade length: 94 cm
Blade width at base: 5 cm
Balance point: 13 cm
Center of Percussion: 58 cm
Rotational point: 14 cm
Weight: 1,59kg
Price: 1089€

Reviewer: Anders Linnard of GHFS
Translated by: Roger Norling of